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Common mistakes people make when starting a business 

Posted by on Jan 17, 2016 in Business Mistakes | Comments Off on Common mistakes people make when starting a business 

business-start-up-guide-1Starting a private business is a very demanding task. You need to have a well-thought plan, some money to invest, a lot of willingness and mental strength and above all – a good idea. When you have all this, you can start a business, but you are still not guaranteed to succeed. Despite good ideas and a lot of effort, many new businesses fail at the very beginning, or after a very short time. If you plan to start your own business, you should avoid some common mistakes business owners make, in order to start successfully and remain successful as your business develops further.

1.Not having a business plan

846070d2fe16fb87485bdc76a19613c3Creating detailed business plan is a must, long before you start investing money in any aspect of a private business. You need to determine the idea and the moves you will take as precisely as possible, in order to have focus and to be able to plan your future investments and moves. Without the business plan, you will shoot in the dark, with no clear focus, and your business will not be very likely to succeed.

2.Not investing enough in marketing

Good promotion does half of work, especially if you are new in the market and you still have to reach your potential customers. Advertising can be expensive, that is for sure, but without enough promotion, you are not likely to gain customers, and thus the turnover is not very likely to start any time soon. We recommend Solo Ads Agency as the best place for solo ads.

3.Being too rigid about your initial idea

It is true that you need to have a clear idea and a business plan related to your company, in order to maintain focus and know which way to follow. However, it sometimes happens that the company starts moving in a different direction and that the new direction actually gains success. In a situation like this, it is good to slightly change your plan and adjust it to the new situation, because if something proves to be working, it is a mistake to disregard it. We recommend joining MOBE as one of the best opportunities right now or joining Traffic Authority.

4.Ignoring criticism

Nobody likes to be criticized, and there is nothing wrong about it. However, when you run a business, you need to be ready to listen and accept criticism, in order to be able to improve your business and correct what needs to be corrected. Our last company Empower Network got a lot of problems from this but we stuck it out and made money anyway.

5.Not listening to customers

Similar to accepting criticism, you need to be ready and able to listen to your customers’ comments and fulfill their needs. You can give them an evaluation survey, read their comments and reactions online, in order to reach the needs as many customers as possible.

6. Badly determined prices

One of the common mistakes is determining the prices wrongly, and setting tem to be either too high or too low. Do not get greedy and set the prices too high, but on the other hand, do not underestimate yourself and set the prices too low, because in both cases you will not get the desired business results.

6 Common Mistakes

7. Neglecting technology

When you own a business, you need to be in contact with the modern technologies and to be computer savvy, no matter what area of business you are in. There are many potential customers online, and many customers’ comments you can find, and if you do not know how to use modern technologies, you can miss some great opportunities.

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Businesses you can run online 

Posted by on Jan 17, 2016 in Online Business | Comments Off on Businesses you can run online 

Run online business

operating-your-online-business-opportunities1Running an online business is not only easy in the modern days, but it has also become one of the very common ways of earning income, whether in addition to a regular job, or as the only source of earning. Thanks to the needs of modern time, there are plenty of businesses that can be completely run online. This has many advantages, and it is also a great opportunity for those who are unemployed or for disabled people who are restricted when it comes to working in particular positions. In this article we will deal with some jobs that can be full run online.

1.eBay seller

etsy seller series buttoneBay is one of the biggest online marketplaces, where you can sell pretty much anything. You can simply clear out the attic or basement and sell the things you do not need, but you can go further and grow a business from eBay sale. Reselling is also quite common on eBay, and you could specialize in a certain field and sell only one type of goods, for example cell phones, cameras etc. In addition to selling the goods directly, you can also be hired to help someone else in sales, maintain their eBay profile and correspond with the buyers.


2.Etsy seller

Etsy is also an online store, but its concept is largely different than the one of eBay. It is used for selling homemade products and crafts, so if you are crafty and creative, you can make a great business out of it and run it completely online. You can design jewelry, clothes, accessories, shoes etc. and sell the items on Etsy. Also, all the pieces and material you need can be found online, so Etsy is a great way of combining creative work with modern, online business.

3.Affiliate marketing

This is a type of job that can be done by almost anyone, because it does not require any special skills or vast knowledge in a particular field. It requires directing new potential customers to a certain website and being paid for every new person who reaches the website. This is convenient for shorter period of times and as a part-time job, and can be especially useful for students who want to earn some extra money, or for employed people who need an extra job that does not require too much investment.

4.Blog writing

This is a very popular way of earning money online and many people have developed careers out of blogging. Writing on a particular topic, which should be interesting, catchy and informative, together with good promotion of the blog, can gain you a lot of readers. After gaining enough subscribers, you can earn money by doing some affiliate marketing or by selling an advertisement space. Some bloggers have even issued very popular books based on their blogs. All in all, if done right, blogging can be a very lucrative business today.


5.Web design and website development

If you are skillful in web design and/or programming, you can develop a fully online-based job out of it. You can build an online portfolio, and after you create websites for several clients, you can agree with them to promote you on those websites. This is also a job that requires only your skills and Internet connection, and which can bring you even some serious earnings if you persist.

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Advantages of running your own business 

Posted by on Jan 17, 2016 in Running Business  | Comments Off on Advantages of running your own business 


Starting a private business is certainly huge step, no matter how good idea and how many resources you have. It can be stressful, it is demanding and it requires serious thinking and planning – but in the end, it is worth it, because running your own business can be very rewarding and it can make you happy, fulfilled and satisfied. The advantages of running a private business are many, and in this article we will deal with seven of them:

1.Easy to start

If you have an idea and a business plan, it is very easy to start a small business. It can be formed and officially registered for as little as two people, which significantly decreases the amount of paperwork you will need.

2.Limited liability

Small businesses and private companies have limited liability, much smaller than large public companies. This means that the liability is limited to a specific, fixed sum, which is usually equal to the amount of money invested in starting up the business.

Summer of Service June 2013-August 2013

3.Large flexibility and freedom

The business is based on your ideas, your plan, and it requires your time and willingness to work and to develop the business further. This means that you have carte blanche when it comes to implementing new ideas and making all the changes and modifications to the business’ structure, methods and all other aspects.

4.Complete control over business

Similar to the previous point, you are the one who decides on everything regarding your business, and you are the one who decides in which direction the business will move. You can decide to grow after a while, to spread the business on international market or to create an online branch as well. Also, you get to supervise everything that is going on as the business grows, and you can act accordingly if something needs to be changed.

Starting Your Own Business

BeYourOwnBoss-logo5.You are your own boss

This is also a great advantage of running your own business, especially if you are a natural leader. The only person you are responsible to is yourself, since you decide on everything. This also takes a large amount of self-responsibility and responsibility to your employers and your finances, but if you can handle it, then it should not pose a problem for you.

6.No public scrutiny

Unlike public companies, small private companies are not required to publish any of their accounts and to issue financial reports. This makes it much easier to keep the business secrets private and protect the business you run from potential harm.

7.You get to do what you love

Last but not least, running a private business means doing what you love. If you are the one who starts a business, it means it is based on your idea and preferences, and that it is focused on an area of business you are good at. Even though it can be stressful at times, running a private business can bring you many happy years of enjoying your job.

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